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Established Since 1988

Since The Beginning

Yargay MCI Pte Ltd (YMCI) is incorporated in 1988 as an Investment Holding Company with a paid-up capital of S$1 million. We are the only cleanroom cleaning company registered as Senior Member of IEST (Institute of Environmental Sciences Technology) as well as Singapore Government Supplier’s EPPU (S5 S$1 million) registered. In September 2014, we are honored to be selected as one of the recipient for 2015 Promising Top SME 500 Award.

By obtaining a NEA Cleaning Licence, Cleanmark Silver accreditation gives us added boost to become the Prominent Cleaning Company in maintaining critical facilities to have the qualification.

Yargay MCI offering specialised services in meeting the needs of high technology customers in sterile and non-sterile Cleanrooms, Data Centres, Laboratories and other critical environments. We bring with us more than 3 decades of experience, state-of-the-art technology and continuous employee training are maintained to exceed your most demanding maintenance requirements.

Singapore’s Government plans to make the city-state a Global Hub for BIOMEDICAL and an INFOCOMM Hub. Her drive to attract high-calibre researchers and premium Data Centre operations from around the world will see it expand its infrastructure over the next few years. Yargay MCI has found a specialised place in the market that require these unique services since there will be a substantial increase in the numbers of cleanrooms and data centres.

In order to move forward, Yargay MCI aim to be a one-stop service provider for the biomedical and infocomm industry. Our goal is to provide highest quality service meshes well with needs of high tech clients.

Henceforth, in 2004, the partnership with an enterprising cleanroom team is a synergy with tremendous promise. The new name was chosen with a vision to be SUCCESSFUL (‘yargay’ in Tibetan).


Revolutionizing Service, Re-Inventing Business, blended well with a shared vision of 6Ps:-

Professionalism Watermarked



We are committed to providing our clients with professional cleaning service that is unequaled in the cleaning industry.

Who Are We - 6P - people



People drive our success. We are committed to developing and retaining an outstanding group of people & creating good working environment in which they can excel.

Performance Watermarked



In order to keep in track with new technology and skills, programs are put in place to measure performance improvement to increase the output, efficiency or effectiveness – be it a business process or employees development

Playfair Watermarked


Play fair

We know that our job isn’t to charge as much as we can, it’s to do as much as we can for the client at a fair price.

Who Are We Products



Our product is service. We constantly seek & explore new business opportunities & client base.

Yargay MCI Profit



Profitability is the ultimate measurement of our success.

Our Advantage

Yargay MCI offers not only one-time cleaning services, but also individualised contract cleaning to meet your needs. We are 100% staffed. We do not subcontract our assignments.

Yargay MCI offers each client the confidence of knowing that their facility will be cleaned with the highest quality equipment and the best trained employees in the industry. We also understand the importance of security in today’s business climate and adhere to the individualized needs of your facility.

InnoClean, a division of Yargay MCI has been in the cleaning industry since 2000. We are unique because we are among a handful of companies that can offer both executive office cleaning, specialised data center cleaning, specialised cleanroom cleaning and specialised laboratory cleaning.

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