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Data Centre Cleaning Services

Yargay MCI - Disinfectant Cleaning 24

Understanding the dynamics of data centers and telecom facilities is essential for proper cleaning. Yargay MCI protects your hardware investments with solutions that dramatically reduce particulate contamination, diminishing your down time and increasing efficiency. In addition to causing equipment inefficiency and failure, particulate contamination can lead to health-related problems for employees.

Yargay MCI offer services tailored to “curing” sick rooms and improving the overall work environment. We have a range of preventive maintenance services that begin with a thorough evaluation of your facility. After a comprehensive evaluation, our experienced staff will recommend a cost-efficient program that details specific cleaning tasks and optimal cleaning frequencies for each area of your rooms.

In view of critical environment and highly sensitive equipment, the fogging method is not applicable to be use in data centre, as such, our latest mobile UV-C LIGHT DISINFECTION MACHINE will be used as a final stage of disinfection to eliminate pathogens.


The awareness to apply regular disinfectant has seemingly increased in the midst of the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Yargay is always at the forefront of new technology and implementation. We now introduce the latest mobile UV-C Light Disinfection Machine to disinfect your data centre after every deep cleaning work, as an added precaution to disinfect their data centre environment.

These Mobile UV-C Light Disinfection machine are built with a lamp module emitting powerful ultraviolet-C(UV-C) light. This light help decontaminate the data centre environment by tearing apart strands of viruses DNA .

As UV-C light kills up to 99% of bacteria and has been clinically proven to eliminate viruses. Your data centre environment will be kept safe and healthy for your team to work safely with the help of this machine.


Yargay MCI is a Senior Member of Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST) in USA. We provide specialised testing and certification in accordance to ISO Standard 14644-1:2015 for ISO Class 8 cleanliness level. Using our state-of-the art Laser Airborne Particle Counter with readings taken @ 0.5 microns at 1.0 CFM (1.7m3/hr) flow rate (the recommended ISO standard). All handheld models with 0.1 CFM is Not a recommended standard. This service will be provided FREE with our cleaning service. Air sampling raw datas are collected and printed out on-site for customer’s referance and will be compiled into confidential reports which include graphic statistics of before and after cleaning readings to help our clients to establish and maintain a monitoring program.

Testing And Certification (Complimentary).jpeg

Common janitorial cleaners are not trained or insured to clean these technical environments according to standards and can cause downtime.

all our technicians plus cleaners are specially trained

All our technicians & cleaners are specially trained for data centers in order to work within these complex and critical environments. We help preserve static control with our knowledge and experience with the many types of equipment in a data center and the laws regarding static dissipation. Our custom blended chemicals are cleanroom safe, static dissipative and non-intrusive.

From new construction to existing or upgrading facilities, our Data Center Support Package provides a comprehensive maintenance service that protects large-scale computer operating environments. Our site servicing group cares for sub-floors, top of floors, walls, ceilings and exterior equipment cleanliness. Services range from daily “spot cleans” to sustained periodic site cleaning.

Our initial walkthrough and consultation is provided Free-Of-Charge. Contact our Site Services Group for a free consultation.

For Sales Information:

You could be placing your data center and your job at risk when you fail to keep it clean. The following is a list of why you should keep your data center facility clean and how to select a cleaning service:

Top 10 Reasons why you should keep your Data Center Clean

  1. A clean data center will help to increase employee moral and health.
  2. A clean facility will eliminate the possibility of unwanted pests.
  3. A clean data center optimizes equipment performance and the investment of a regular scheduled data center cleaning service equates to a fraction of the overall investment of running your operations center.
  4. It helps to minimize maintenance and filter replacement on computer room air conditioning units.
  5. ALL components within the operations center are at risk when a data center is not kept clean.
  6. Annual maintenance agreements for servers are approx. 10% of initial cost.
  7. Cleaning below your RAISED FLOOR will help keep unwanted dirt and dust from mixing into the data center air. Not to mention remind you that it is time to organize your cables.
  8. The hardware costs of standard servers, including maintenance can average $10K-$30K per server rack cabinet.
  9. Media errors can exceed $30,000 per Megabyte. Dust is a prime candidate in causing media errors.
  10. Routine cleaning the data centre rooms can prevent zinc whisker contamination. Avoiding the zinc filaments from causing irreversible damage to data communication hardware and data corruption.


  1. We have a crew of experience maintenance specialists.
  2. Good Track Records of Cleaning Raised Floors & Data Centers.
  3. All vacuum cleaners comes with ULPA/HEPA filter and all equipments, tools and consumables are 100% cleanroom compliance.
  4. Good Track Records of Cleaning and Disinfection Services for hospitals, medical labs, pharmaceutical facilities. We not only keep your data centre spotless clean, we prevent pathogens in the confined area


When considering whether to begin a simple and affordable yearly Cleaning Program for your data center we suggest that you calculate the IT investment in peripherals, data base, application software, data center space and media and ask yourself if it is not worth protecting by keeping it all clean.

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