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Disinfection Service

Yargay is never new to disinfection service because is our niche and core business for more than 3 decades.  We consistently providing disinfection service to hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities, biomedical plants, research institutions and other critical environments.  In May 2020, Yargay MCI Pte Ltd is listed in National Environment Agency (NEA) Interim Guidelines for Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Areas Exposed to Confirmed Case(s) of COVID-19 in Non-Healthcare Premises.

Cleaning and disinfection

When it come to cleaning surfaces and objects, traditional spray and wipe method tends to be the first method that come to mind. While these cleaning techniques are tried and true, they are only the first step when it come to disinfection cleaning. In general, disinfectant require contact time of between 5-10 minutes, but most cleaning personnel will wipe off the surface in less than 5 seconds, thus cause the contaminants to spread wider- instead of killing the germs or bacteria. Thus, that is why selecting the correct preventive disinfection specialists is so important.

Following NEA’s interim guidelines, using right proportion of disinfectant  our team will frequent Manual Wipe Down thoroughly on touched surfaces and areas  (eg: railings, switches, keyboards, tables, door knobs/handles, chairs etc) and thereafter, COMPLIMENT with Our state-of-the-art Electrostatic Mist Spray Application System with the right dilution of EPA-approved disinfectant (ie preventive or confirmed case), according to manufacturer’s label guide.

Method of spray and wipe process make it hard to reach certain spots or objects. For sensitive place, like cleanroom, R&D labs, healthcare facilities, schools, a MORE Effective method for killing germs, bacteria and virus from surfaces will be an ELECTROSTATIC SPRAY MIST APPLICATION SYSTEM. Benefit of this method is spraying an electrostatic-mist onto surfaces and/or objects. Combined with a disinfectant, the droplets became ionised and aggressively adhered to surfaces and/or objects, thus instantly kills germs, virus, bacteria that comes into contact.

Yargay MCI has more than 3 decades of disinfection experience in critical controlled environments, asides being the NEA Approved Disinfection Vendor, NEA CleanMark Silver accredited partner, Yargay has a NEA Cleaning Business Licence.  This makes us very UNIQUE as a Specialist In Disinfection Industry.  Yargay work closely And Directly with EMIST USA as a marketing arm in Singapore and ASEAN region – their EM360 Portable Backpack and EPIX360 Cordless Handheld are Electrostatic Disinfectant Mist Sprayer that works flawlessly and consistently with EPA-approved water soluble disinfectant.  Ideal for quick turnaround disinfection for Healthcare (equipment, rooms, ambulance), Education, Fitness, Transportation, Hotel, Lodging, Rental Homes, Offices, Facilities, Commercial or Industrial Buildings, Construction sites etc.

The EMist Electrostatic Competitive Advantage – Kill up to 99.999% of pathogens – Reduce infection rate – Stops cross-contamination

Tackling the COVID-19 Situation

Due to the COVID-19 situation, NEA issued ‘Interim Cleaning and Disinfection Guidelines and Hygiene Advisory’ to various premises owners and operators to share information on the importance of taking precautionary measures to maintain high standards of sanitation and personal hygiene to minimise the risk of disease transmission.  Yargay MCI take reference and following NEA’s guideline. Our team are given refresher training on a weekly basis and share update on NEA’s interim Guidelines so as to ensure procedures and methods are conformed.  In the event when an assignment is task at short notice, our Team are well prepared with a clear positive mindset, no fear, on top of the skills, knowledge, experience they acquire – ALWAYS Ready To Go.

Our specialists are classroom trained at reputable institutions on protocols of donning and doffing of PPEs, cleaning guidelines, the correct methods and procedures of disinfecting different surfaces, safety protocol and hygience practice up to the final biohazard waste handling and disposal procedures (confirmed covid case). A Certificate Of Disposal will be submiited to client – issued by the Biohazardous Waste Management Company as a proof of proper disposal after Covid-19 deep clean.

Why Yargay MCI?

We do it everyday in critical environment and our team have the knowledge of donning and doffing PPE far exceeded the recommendation by Ministry Of Health (MOH) Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines and in accordance to ISO Cleanroom Housekeeping Gowning Protocol. We have a range of PPEs cater to Preventive or Confirmed Covid-19 case(s).

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Common janitorial cleaners are not trained or insured to clean these technical environments according to standards and can cause downtime.

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